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The Hunter Biden Emails and How Did One Man Know About This 3 Weeks Before the NY Post Article?

October 18, 2020

Episode 63 with Adam Steele

We go over the banned New York Post article concerning the Hunter Biden emails and Burisma:

^^This link was banned from FB and Twitter and the New York Post's twitter account is still blocked from posting as of today!

We discuss another interesting development where this gentleman appears to have beaten the NY Post to the punch by nearly 3 weeks. He claims that this is all being orchestrated by the Chinese government. I would like to first verify the subtitles before going to far. It is very interesting that he would have knowledge of the hard drive (and also claim there to be three hard drives). Makes you question the current story that some repair shop had the laptop and Hunter never retrieved it.

1. Lude Media aka the "Luther Society" Twitter:
2. Lude Media on YouTube:
3. Here is a tweet containing the relevant section Lude Media's video with english captions from September 24th:
4. Here's a link directly to a copy of that video clip on YouTube:
5. Here's a link to the original Lude Media video. It is 90 minutes long and no english subtitles. Good to save for posterity's sake:

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