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Breonna Taylor -

September 27, 2020

Episode 60 (Video episode 3)

This is the audio from a video episode which you can watch here:


Kudos to Brandon Tatum of for getting the documents out regarding Breonna Taylor. This video I go through in detail the information that the police had in these documents. As a Voluntaryist, I believe that selling drugs should be legal. That's really the only actually solution that would have prevented this situation. If selling drugs was legal, Breonna Taylor would not have been killed in her house that night because the police would have had no reason to be there. Unless of course it had something to do with that dead body they found in the car she rented in 2016. But watch the video for all the details and look for yourself here:


I also take a look at a blatant murder by police officers of Daniel Shaver as well as read through the USA Today's feeble attempt to debunk Brandon Tatums claims after HE leaked these documents. The mainstream media has no shame.



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